Spain; Army shows interest in French CEASAR 155mm

In a tweet commented by Laurent Lagneau in, the Spanish Army reports that a commission from the XII Field Artillery Group of the Guadarrama Brigade visited the French 40th Artillery Regiment (based in Suippes) with the aim of discovering its procedures and anti-aircraft means.

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The Ejército de Tierra (Spanish Land Force) seems to be interested in the CAESAr [Truck equipped with a 155 mm artillery system], produced by the French group Nexter. At the end of July, reports Laurent Lagneau, a commission from the XII Field Artillery Group, which comes under the XII Armored Infantry Brigade “Guadarrama”, went to Suippes to visit the 40th Artillery Regiment (40 RA ) equipped with CAESAr, 120mm mortars, MISTRAL light anti-aircraft transportable missiles, MURIN radars, SMDR drones and ATLAS Canon system.

For the Spanish site InfoDefensa, this visit to the 40th RA was made while the Ejército de Tierra set up a working group to determine the capabilities it will need for future conflicts in the field of artillery, Laurent Lagneau reports. This is to eventually replace its 96 M109 155 mm L/39 self-propelled howitzers, with which the XII Spanish field artillery group is equipped.

For the Ejército de Tierra, the CAESAr would be particularly interesting as it is air-transportable and would make it possible to extend the range of its artillery to more than 50 km. In addition, it is able to fire shells compatible with American ones, such as the M982 Excalibur, with GPS and inertial guidance.

Spain; Army shows interest in French CEASAR 155mm

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