France; Army negotiates US made loitering weapon buy

The head of plans of the European Army has revealed that they are already working to acquire the system with the aim of having it in six months

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The lessons learned in the war in Ukraine have led to the list of the purchase of defense material from different countries some equipment that until now was not among their plans. Marauding ammunition is one of the most considered. France wants to acquire these systems, sometimes misnamed kamikaze drones, by way of urgency. Specifically, it aims to get Switchblade ammunition, from the American firm Aerovironment, such as the one being used in the Ukrainian theater.

The French Army has already begun the process for the rapid purchase of these weapons from the United States, according to the testimony collected by different media of Colonel Arnaud Goujon, head of plans of the French Army. The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has confirmed to Defense News that it is working on the purchase “of switchblade remotely operated ammunition” with the aim of “establishing a first urgent capability” of a system that offers functions different from that of more conventional projectiles, such as mortar and artillery.

France; Army negotiates US made loitering weapon buy

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