Egypt; Navy interested in German anti-torpedo solution

According to information published by Tactical Report on August 9, 2022, the Egyptian Naval Forces are reportedly in talks with the company ThyssenKrupp to acquire SeaSpider Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo (ATT).

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“Hardkill” in this sense means a defense system that actively targets the incoming threat torpedo independent of its type or homing functionality with the aim of destroying or disabling it by explosive and/or kinetic force before it completes its mission. Only the Anti-Torpedo-Torpedo can provide this capability against any and all threat torpedo types in all relevant environments.

Underwater Environment

The underwater environment is challenging in its variability, never more so than in the shallow waters of the world’s “Littorals”. But it is here that navies increasingly need to operate.

SeaSpider is deliberately designed to provide reliable defensive capability even in the worst “sonar weather”. Benchmarking the effectiveness of torpedo defense in the most challenging environment navies need to operate in is the only way to fully ensure the safety of ships and sailors.

Egypt; Navy interested in German anti-torpedo solution

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