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Brazil; Court freezes purchase of Centauro II 8×8 tanks from Italy

The signing of the contract between the Brazilian Army and the Italian company CIO, the company that won the tender for the purchase of 98 8×8 combat vehicles with its Centauro II model, was scheduled for yesterday, however a precautionary measure, presented a day earlier, stopped the process immediately. The popular action that triggered the […]

Australia; Army selects Israeli made Skylark I LEX UAV

Israeli company Elbit Systems announced on December 7, 2022, that Australia has selected Elbit Systems to provide the Australian Army with the Skylark I LEX Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) equipped with Electro-Optical and Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) system. With a certified ADS-B system, Elbit Systems of Australia will support the Australian Army achieve wider use […]

US; Army selects V-280 Valor as FLRAA winner

Textrons Bell V-280 Valor Chosen as New US Army Long-Range Assault Aircraft The V-280’s unmatched combination of proven tiltrotor technology coupled with innovative digital engineering and an open architecture offers the Army outstanding operational versatility for its vertical lift fleet Textron Inc announced today that Bell Textron Inc., a Textron company,has been awarded the development […]

Finland; Armed forces order locally made night & laser sights

Senop Oy has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces Logistic Command for deliveries of laser sights and image intensifiers. The order is significant and is a continuation of the procurement contracts made in 2020, 2021 and 2022.  With this acquisition the Finnish Defence Forces further develops soldiers’ capability to fight effectively 24/7 […]

Nicaragua; Government confirms defense budget for 2023

The Nicaraguan Government will allocate, in 2023, 327.9 million dollars for Security and Public Order and110.4 million dollars for Defense. Of the country’s total budget for next year, Security and Public Order will receive 9.8%, while Defense will be allocated only 3.3%. With this, the Nicaraguan Army continues to receive one of the lowest budgets […]

Egypt;  AOI signs local license production of Korea trainer jets

KAI chooses to equip the African country with up to a hundred aircraft, also light attack, the variant that Airbus wants to market The Korean advanced trainer aircraft T-50, and its derivatives, live a sweet moment in the international market. The recent order of 48 FA-50 light attack units by Poland and the even more […]

Estonia; MoD orders six US HIMARS rocket launchers and ammunition

On December 2, 2022, the Director General of the Estonian State Defense Investment Center Magnus-Waldemar Saar signed an agreement with the US Defense and Security Cooperation Agency for the purchase of six American-made M142 HIMARS (MLRS) Multiple Launch Rocket Systems with ammunition including rockets and missiles. On July 15, 2022, the U.S. State Department made […]

Russia; Air defense systems upgraded with software to engage HIMARS MLRS

The destruction of the rocket launcher vehicles M142 HIMARS given to Ukraine by the United States becomes a priority for the Russian armed forces. Citing a Russian military source, the air defense units of the Russian army have received new software that makes it easy to shoot down HIMARS guided rockets. Citing information from the […]

Sweden; FMV orders 436 articulated  BVS410 for  €690M.

On the European procurement platform TED (no date mentioned by Estonian Free Press who published the info on December 1), the Swedish procurement agency Försvarets Materielverk (FMV) announced the conclusion of a framework contract with BAE Systems Hägglunds for the delivery of 436 Bv 410 articulated all-terrain vehicles. The contract is valued at SEK 7.6 […]

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