Colombia; Army  awaits US surplus 55 US M1117 ASV  

Colombia; Army  awaits US surplus 55 US M1117 ASV  

On April 22, 2024, Colombia announced through its official channel X that it will soon acquire an additional 55 M1117 armored vehicles from the United States government. These vehicles, locally known as Pegaso, are transferred to Colombia under the United States’ Excess Defense Articles (EDA) program. This donation supplements a previous batch of 145 M1117 […]

Portugal; MoD confirms F-35 fighter order

In an interview with Diario de Noticias on April 12, 2024, the Portugal Air Force Chief of Staff, General João Cartaxo Alves, confirmed that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter will be the replacement for the F-16M Fighting Falcon. The decision is part of an effort to maintain alignment with most European allies who […]

Russia; New UGVs developed for rapid deployment in Ukraine

Amidst the intense conflict in Ukraine, robotic systems have emerged as vital assets on the battlefield, prompting Russian engineers to continue innovating in this new military technology. Let’s take a closer look at the progress of Russia’s military robotization. Several systems were showcased during an exhibition in Russia on 17 April 2024, including a UGV […]

Argentina; FAA orders BT-67 for Antarctic ops

On April 18, 2024, the US State Department approved a potential Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Argentina for an unspecified number of Basler BT-67 aircraft and associated logistical and program support, with an estimated value of $143 million. The Basler BT-67 aircraft is a complete modernization of the Douglas DC-3, involving the replacement […]

Greece; MoD mulls acquisition of Israeli Iron Dome

In a statement made on April 17, 2024, Greek Defense Minister Nikos Dendias revived discussions about enhancing Greece’s air defense capabilities, a topic that has been ongoing among military leaders for years. This discussion gained new urgency following the impressive performance of Israel’s Iron Dome against hostile missiles and rockets. Minister Dendias emphasized the urgency […]

Venezuela; Navy unveils Iranian CM-90 anti-ship missiles

According to information published by the Venezuelan MoD on April 16, 2024, the Bolivarian Navy has officially added new CM-90 anti-ship missiles of Iranian origin to its arsenal. The confirmation came during an official visit by Venezuela’s Minister of Defense, Padrino López, and was widely broadcast through videos and images. The new missiles, part of […]

Spain; MoD orders additional NASAMS

The Spanish government has announced a €410 million agreement with Norwegian firm Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) to modernize and acquire additional NASAMS air defense systems. This announcement was made on April 19, 2024, by the Spanish Armaments Directorate, Dirección General de Armamento y Material (DGAM), which also filed a notification of award for the […]

China;  FIRMACO converts Type 59 Main Battle Tank into new HIFV

According to a Reddit post published on April 15, 2024, China recently developed a new heavy infantry fighting vehicle (HIFV) based on the Type 59 Main Battle Tank. The origin of this unnamed vehicle can be traced back to August 2017 at the Baotou training ground, where Norinco, a leading defense manufacturer in China, unveiled […]

Ukraine; Canada to donate 450 SkyRanger drones to the army

On April 15, 2024, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry confirmed the anticipated reinforcement of their aerial surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities with the arrival of significant Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) this summer, comprising 450 SkyRanger R70 drones, delivered by Canada. Developed by the American company Teledyne FLIR, these UAVs are capable of vertical takeoff and landing, fulfilling […]

Australia; MoD to allocate $US 32 Bn. for modernization in the next decade

Australia will boost defence spending by A$50.3 billion ($32 billion) over the next decade and reshuffle its weapons programs to emphasise missiles, drones and warships as it looks to the possibility of a Pacific conflict between China and the U.S. The bulk of the new spending, part of a A$330 billion decade-long budget, will only […]

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