Ukraine; Navy eyes surplus German Bremen class frigate Lubeck  

Ukraine; Navy eyes surplus German Bremen class frigate Lubeck  

According to a tweet published by Andriy Melnyk on 29 January 2023, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany proposed that Germany give Ukraine its decommissioned Bremen-class frigate, Lubeck. The Bremen-class frigate has a displacement of 3,680 tonnes (3,620 long tons), a length of 130.50 m (428 ft 2 in), a beam of 14.60 m (47 […]

Ukraine; Australia, France to supply 155mm artillery shells to the Army

France and Australia signed an agreement to supply 155 mm shells to Ukraine to support it in its war against Russia, announced on Monday, January 30, the French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu and his Australian colleague Richard Marles. “Several thousand 155mm shells are going to be produced jointly,” declared Sébastien Lecornu, while Richard Marles spoke […]

US Army;  Common Tactical Truck contract awarded to American Rheinmetall Vehicles & GM Defense

American Rheinmetall Vehicles (Sterling Heights, MI) and GM Defense LLC (Washington, DC) have won a contract for the first phase of the U.S. Army’s Common Tactical Truck (CTT) Program. The aim of the multi-phased program is to replace the Army’s family of heavy tactical trucks with the production of up to 40,000 trucks valued at […]

Israel; Army selects Crossbow 120mm mortar turrets

Crossbow is scheduled to enter service in 2024 with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which financed its development. Dozens of these mortar turrets will be mounted on Oshkosh Defense’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV). Elbit Systems presented the Crossbow 120mm turreted mortar at Defence iQ’s International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) 2023 conference, held in London […]

Finland; Army orders Spike MELLS ATGM

The Finnish armed forces have contracted with EuroSpike GmbH, a joint venture of Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH, Diehl Defence, and Rafael, to supply Spike antitank guided missiles. For Rheinmetall, the order is worth a figure in the mid-double-digit million-euro range. Made by EuroSpike – a joint venture in which Rheinmetall holds a 40% stake – the […]

US; DoD to increase artillery rounds production by 500%  

According to the New York Times, the massive increase in the production of artillery ammunition is meant to both make up for shortfalls caused by Russia’s war in Ukraine and to build up stockpiles for future wars. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the U.S. produced 14,000 shells monthly, sufficient for […]

Chile; Navy orders German SERO 250S periscope for the 209/1400L submarines

The German company Hensoldt sold to the Chilean Navy a SERO 250S periscope within the framework of the modernization program of capabilities of the class 209/1400L submarines SS-20 Thomson and SS-21 Simpson. According to a press release published on the company’s website, the sale of the SERO 250S exceeds five million euros and is the […]

Denmark; Army selects Israeli 155mm truck mounted guns

According to a statement published by the Danish Ministry of Defense on January 26, 2023, after the donation to Ukraine of 19 French-made CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzers that Denmark had ordered in May 2017, the Danish Government decided to acquire new artillery systems and negotiate now with Israel to acquire 19 ATMOS 155mm wheeled self-propelled […]

Ukraine; Belgian MoD to grant SCAR assault rifles and MINIMI machine guns to the armed forces

On January 27, 2023, Belgium announced a new military aid for Ukraine worth €93.6 million including the latest generation of SCAR assault rifles and MINIMI light machine guns manufactured by the Belgian company FN Herstal.   Belgium will also provide Ukraine with 80 Iveco LMV Lynx vehicles and 150 Volvo trucks that were in service […]

Ukraine; Poland approves delivery of 30 PT-91 Twardy tanks

According to information published on the Facebook account of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on January 27, 2023, Poland will deliver 30 PT-91 Twardy Main Battle Tanks  to Ukraine. Currently, Poland approved the delivery to Ukraine of 60 modernized main battle tanks including 30 PT-91 Twardy tanks. This comes to complete […]

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