Romania; Government opts for  European Patrol Corvette program  

Romania; Government opts for  European Patrol Corvette program  

According to information published by Fanatik on May 15, 2024, Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu has renewed discussions on acquiring corvettes for the Romanian Navy, with decisions anticipated soon. He also mentioned the Corvette European patrol program. The Romanian Navy’s acquisition program for new corvettes has been a complex and prolonged process. Initially, Romania planned to […]

Germany; Defense Minister calls for defense budget pegged at 3% of GDP

100,000 million and 2% are no longer enough: Germany wants to spend 3% on defense and recover the military. The new strategy that emerged from Germany’s marked shift in its defence policy in February 2022, following the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has given a new acceleration two years and three months later. The […]

European Union; EDF to fund next generation tanks development

On May 16, 2024, The European Commission announced a significant investment in defense, with a list of 54 ambitious industrial projects backed by a budget of over one billion euros. Two key initiatives focus on the development of advanced main battle tanks (MBTs), including the MARTE (Main ARmored Tank of Europe) led by a German […]

 UK; MoD approves buy of six MRSS vessels for Royal Marines

British defence minister Grant Shapps said he would order up to six new warships for the Royal Marines, as the government starts to indicate where a recently announced rise in defence spending will be directed. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced in April that he would lift defence spending to 2.5% of GDP a year […]

Japan-Australia; MoDs eyes collaboration on new missile frigate development.

According to information published by Japan News on May 8, 2024, the Japanese government is considering a bid to co-develop new frigates with Australia. Japan plans to upgrade its Maritime Self-Defense Force’s advanced frigate and offer it to Australia if chosen as a development partner. Japan will face competition from other countries, but securing this […]

Lithuania; MoD orders more Javelin ATGM from the US

On May 14, 2024, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defense announced the acquisition of additional Javelin anti-tank missile systems from the United States, valued at approximately $16.6 million. The Javelin system, known for its “fire-and-forget” capability, allows operators to neutralize enemy armored vehicles with precision, significantly enhancing the operational efficiency of the Lithuanian armed forces. The […]

Romania; Air Force cleared to purchase AIM-9X Sidewinder for its F-16s

To modernize its air to air infrastructure, Romania has received approval from the United States for the acquisition of AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II missiles, signaling a deepening alliance between the two countries. This approval led to the signing of a $70 million contract between Romania and Raytheon. The decision to equip the Romanian Air Force’s […]

North Korea; Army tests new TBM with autonomous navigation system.

On May 18, 2024, North Korea announced the test-firing of a tactical ballistic missile equipped with a new autonomous navigation system, describing it as part of efforts to enhance its military capabilities. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un supervised the test, although specific details such as the number […]

Australia; Government approves US$37Bn. defense budget for 2025

Australia has announced a record defense budget of AU$55.7 billion, US$36.8 billion, for 2025, representing a 6.3% increase from the previous year and accounting for 2.02% of the country’s GDP. This significant budgetary increase underscores Australia’s commitment to enhancing its military capabilities amid rising geopolitical tensions in the Indo-Pacific region. The defense budget includes an […]

US; DARPA selects winner for Liberty Lifter amphibian aircraft development

Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing located in Manassas, Virginia, has received an $8.3 million contract modification to continue the design of an experimental heavy cargo seaplane named Liberty Lifter for the U.S. military. This follows DARPA’s decision to discontinue considering General Atomics’ proposal for the program. Initially, in February 2023, both Aurora and […]

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