Russia; Air to air missile tested aboard Okhotnik attack drone

Russia; Air to air missile tested aboard Okhotnik attack drone

The Russian military recently conducted test launches of air-to-air guided missiles from the heavy stealth attack drone “Okhotnik” (Hunter) creating a new role for it as a fighter-interceptor to accompany the Su-57 fighter jet. Conducted at the Ashuluk training ground, the tests will make the stealth drone a major threat to enemy fighter jets  due […]

Canada; Public criticism over SPY-7 radars selection for future Frigates

The Canadian navy’s new frigates will get a cutting-edge radar system that has never before been installed on a warship — a recent decision that quietly ended a heated debate within the $60 billion warship program. The Lockheed Martin-built AN/SPY-7 radar will be installed on the new warships despite a furious back-room lobbying campaign by […]

Hungary; NASAMS order signature

Hungary has become the sixth NATO member and 12th country to buy the Kongsberg NASAMS surface-to-air missile system. Its version will use AMRAAM and AMRAAM-ER missiles and Raytheon’s Sentinel radar, and will enter service in 2023. Under the agreement, we will have one of the most modern ground-based anti-aircraft missile systems in the world from […]

Croatia; $757M  to upgrade Bradley APCs inventory

The Croatian Army’s M2A2 Operation Desert Storm (ODS) Bradley Fighting vehicles may be modernized for $757 million as requested by the government. The U.S. State Department green lit Croatia’s request to refurbish 76 of these vehicles and related equipment today. The contract covers 84 M240 machine guns, 1103 TOW 2A Radio Frequency (RF) missiles; 16 […]

Germany; MoD joins PESCO TWISTER anti-hypersonic missile program

Germany has joined a European Union-endorsed project aimed at intercepting a new generation of hypersonic missiles too fast for existing defensive systems. Nudged by France, Berlin changed its status from an observer nation to a participant country in the so-called TWISTER effort on Oct. 24, a Defence Ministry spokesman confirmed to Defense News. The acronym […]

UK; MoD orders £2.4 billion of ammunition for the next 15 years from BAE   

BAE Systems has been awarded a 15-year contract worth £2.4bn for the supply of munitions to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). This new agreement, which will supersede the current contract due to conclude at the end of 2022, will guarantee the delivery of munitions products and engineering support to the UK Armed Forces. The […]

Serbia; Army reveals new T-72B1 MS tanks purchase from Russia

According to pictures released by the Serbian MoD (Ministry of Defense) on November 28, 2020, during an official ceremony attended by Aleksandra Vučić, the President of Serbia, the Serbian army has unveiled its latest acquisition of new Russian-made main battle tanks T-72B1MS dubbed “White Eagle”. The T-72B1MS dubbed “White Eagle” is an upgraded version of […]

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