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PostHeaderIcon Brazil; Navy confirms SISGAAZ tender in mid-2013

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During the crossing of NPaOc Amazonas , Admiral Petrônio Augusto de Aguiar Siqueira, coordinator of the modernization program of the Navy, the officer confirmed the intention of the Force tender the first batch of the Management System of the Amazon Blue (SISGAAZ) in mid-2013.

The admiral also reaffirmed the authorization of the Ministry of Defense building project launch four new corvettes that will be manufactured in Brazil, based on class Barroso ( see news ), the latest that has been incorporated into the Brazilian Navy.

As for the purchase of three NPaOc BAE Systems, as the admiral, they should not interfere in the course of PROSUPER , a program that provides for the acquisition of five frigates of 6,000 tons, five NPaOC heavier and helicopter hangar, and one logistics support vessel. Meanwhile, consisted in their own press release distributed to Brazilian dam by buying British company also involves the acquisition of the manufacturing license, allowing the construction of other ships of the same class in Brazil.

According to the report, "as part of the manufacturing license will be given an information packet with information relavente project that will allow the Navy to build other NPaOc here, supporting the naval re-equipment program and strengthen the country's maritime industrial capacity Brazil ".


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