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PostHeaderIcon Peru-Brazil ; border surveillance project SIVAM-SIPAM

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A committee of the National Strategic Planning Centre (CEPLAN) held a meeting with Maj. Gen. Cesar Torres Vega, Peru's Air Force (FAP), director of the Directorate of Surveillance of the Amazon and National (couch), this 11, January to witness the exhibition of the military officer on SIVAM-SIPAM project in Peru, included as part of the strategic alliance agreement between Peru and Brazil, initiated through the signing of a memorandum of understanding on August 25, 2003 , between the then president, Alejandro Toledo (Peru) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil).

SIVAM-SIPAM project has been prepared by the state sector of Defence of Brazil in order to monitor the Amazon region and air traffic over it, to combat illegal activities, especially drug trafficking. SIVAM is the responsibility of the Brazilian Air Force and was started in 1994 with the approval of a foreign debt of 1,395 million dollars.

SIPAM is the responsibility of government house of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil. Both work in coordination. The Brazilian Amazon is an area of approximately 5.2 million kilometers, equivalent in size to the surface of 32 European countries, regardless of the jungle of countries like Colombia and Peru.

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